Our Vision

Our Vision


I.) We are not a Black organization.

II.) We are not a White organization.

III.) We are not an Indian, Coloured or Asian organization.

IV.) We are a South African organization.

V.) We are an African organization.

VI.) We are a Human organization.

VII.) We are that “for peace & for love” organization.

VIII.) We are that “equality & liberty” organization.

IX.) We are that: “The Republic Of South African Patriots” organization.

X.) We are the Democrats.

XI.) We are the socially conscious citizens who will not stand idly by any longer.

XII.) We are the generation without a cause, awakened.

XIII.) We stand for accountability.

XIV.) We stand for truth & justice.

XV.) We stand for the generations that will inherit The Republic.

XVI.) We are the watchers on the wall.

XVII.) We are the defenders of The Republic.

XVIII.) We are The League.