Our Mission

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We believe that the best contribution we can make in the struggle against injustice, inequality, inhumanity, capitalism, oligarchy & kleptocracy is to stand up for what is right, stand against what is wrong & to defend our nation as patriots of The Republic.


Thus the mission of The League is as follows:

  1. To create a society without colour, without prejudice, without fear & without corruption.
  2. To promote freedom of speech & accountability in governance by promoting a fair & just legal system & united society.
  3. To inspire our brethren to stand in defence of The Republic, liberty & humanity.
  4. To inspire patriotism (not in the American sense) & social activism to ensure the continued defence of our liberty.
  5. To bring all government technology up to date with the technology in the private sector via consultations with leading professionals & the captains of industry & ensure all systems & checks & balances are in place to monitor, catch & eliminate corrupt activities, individuals & organizations.
  6. To remove the current tender & BEE policies & replace them with a system of merit, where those who manage organs, departments, projects & commissions of the government are vetted based on:
    • Character
    • Qualification
    • Ability
  7. To identify all of our nations resources & ensure that all citizens benefit from the riches of their homeland.
  8. To create an economic development plan that creates millions of opportunities by ensuring all matriculants have access to tertiary education & ensuring all graduates are given apprenticeships to address the problem of youth unemployment.
  9. To create an economic action plan to boost the economy & abolish poverty by ensuring all South Africans are up-skilled & empowered to be able to fulfill their dreams.
  10. To partner with the Financial Services Industry & education professionals to create funds to make free quality education a reality.
  11. To ensure every man woman & child in South Africa has a home that is comfortable, safe & secure.
  12. To ensure all utilities function for the people & that healthcare, food, electricity & transportation are affordable & available for all.


We are the inheritors of “the cradle of mankind”.
We are The League Of Citizens Of The Republic Of South Africa.