Founding Manifesto

Our Manifesto

LOCRSA is a Democratic Socialist South African movement thst seeks to find a balance between individual liberty and social justice.

The RSA Patriots League draws inspiration from the great people that have stood for freedom & justice in our history.
All those who stood for & stand for hope, equality & justice.

In our analyses of the state, our democracy, our cultures and the moral degradation of our society we have identified 4 things that plague our nation:

  1. Our State has become corrupt & due to mismanagement & incompetence has been allowed to become a breeding ground for oligarchy.
  2. Our democracy is being used as a tool to oppress us, The Citizens & our needs are not only not being met, but are being disregarded while the wealth of our nation is being stolen.
  3. Our cultures have been used to divide us. Instead of working to unify our nation those chosen to lead us are using our differences to deceive us.
  4. Our society is under siege from within & without & is being held ransom.

Thus we have resolved as Citizens of The Republic of South Africa, to stand up & call for a revolution.
We are seeking solutions to defeat The 4 Plagues of our nation & to lead every man woman & child of South Africa of every race, colour & creed towards our South African Dream.

In response to the plagues that beset us, we have devised 4 stratagems to guide the revolution:

  1. To advocate for & to work toward a transparent & accountable government.
  2. To advocate & promote freedom & justice, to ensure that all citizens not only have access to basic services, but to resources to provide for & to develop them & our nation.
  3. To advocate for & to promote national unity & to inspire true leadership to emerge from our youth.
  4. To defend our liberty & to oppose that which is not in the interests of the people of The Republic of South Africa.