A Toast To The New Liberation Movement

2017 has left the building and it would seem that it is taking Jacob with it.

It has been a challenging year, but also a year of enlightenment. It was the year the people retaliated. It was the year where we all finally began to rise up.

So let us celebrate the vigorous opposition to the mechanizations the Mafia State.

Let us celebrate the brave & brilliant minds that stood in the docks and fought in the benches.

Let us celebrate you, The People, for voicing your dissent and protesting for change.

Though we have made gains in 2017, revealed the men and women behind the curtain and won critical judgments, let us not forget that we have only won a few battles… the war has only just begun.

This year, let us grit our teeth, plant our feet and put up our dukes. This year, let us go toe to toe with those who wish to abuse our nation for their personal gain.

This is not a fight we or our children or the ones that will come after us can afford to lose.

So, this year let us go for the victory and destroy the network of oligarchs, gangsters, agents & traitors that are holding our nation hostage and profiting from the pain, misery & suffering of our people.

Let us all stand together as South Africans and ensure that we do not lose the gains we made.

This is the year we take our country back.

To the new liberation movement. In 2018, may we continue to layeth the smacketh down, continue to question authority & continue to hold our government to account.

A toast, to the new year. May it be a fruitful year and may it be the year where we change the fate of our nation.

Happy New Year to all RSA Patriots from The League Of Citizens Of The Republic Of South Africa.