Impeach Zuma Day

A Message from The League Of Citizens Of The Republic Of South Africa following the Constitutional Court judgment in the matter of EFF vs The Speaker of The National Assembly:

It is time to purge ourselves of the festering rot of corruption. It is time to destroy the #MafiaState & to dismantle the #StateCapture ring of patronage & the #WMC network of priviledge.

After the judgment on 29.12.2017 in the matter of EFF vs Speaker Of The National Assembly regarding the failure of parliament to act on the allegations of corruption surrounding the president, it is clear that the path to impeaching Jacob G Zuma is open.

Therefore we call for #Zuma to step down, have his passport confiscated & to stand trial for fraud, corruption, defeating the ends of justice & treason.

We hope #RSAPatriots of all walks of life will rally on this day & put pressure on the ANC & Parliament to impeach our dishonest & dishonoured president so that we can begin to heal as a nation & may be able to begin the work of rebuilding our #SouthAfricanDream

Gather together. Rally your organizations. Take to the streets. March. Protest. Tweet. Broadcast your dissent.

Let us all rise up on the 10th of January (the day ANC plans on attending to the matter of Zuma…) & with one voice, rebuke, reject & recall the man who will forever go down in history as the worst leader in South African history.