A message from The Chairman’s Desk:

“After careful conscideration of our mission & vision, of the political climate & mainly, of what our image should represent to the people… we have decided to reposition ourselves in line with the will of the people.

Going forward we will no longer identify as Liberal or Social Liberal… we are henceforth a Democratic Socialist organization.

Though we still stand for individual liberty, we believe, as our people do that the state should regulate our laws. We believe the state should exist to allow the citizens to manage & distribute our resources.

The League will be renamed. & our colours updated. We will be making this update across all spectrums of the organization & we hope to engage with each one of you to here your thoughts.

Our new logo & colours:

As an organisation that stands for liberty & peace, we have kept the dove of peace & adopted the blue of liberty.

As an African organization, we have incorporated our continent into the new logo & drapped it in the green of Africa.

As a movement for change that is willing to fight for the economic freedom of every #RSAPatriot, we have raised the revolutionary fist, adopted the red of our socialist society & incorporated the black stars/lines of anti-capitalist thinking.

As an organization that promotes equality & accountability, we have incorporated the scales of justice & retained the gold of social liberalism.

Our Name:

With such drastic revisions to our movements trajectory & outlook, we have decided to rename our organisation as The League Of Citizens Of The Republic Of South Africa. LOCORSA.

Thankfully, we will be retaining our monikers as The #RSAPatriots League & The League.

We look forward to a new era & we hope that you will take to heart our new stance, colours, logo & name & that we can identify with all #RSAPatriots.

Proudly South African. Proudly #RSAPatriots. We are still… The League.”