Dear South Africa, Its Time To Stand Up & Stand Together

This is an article The Chairman wrote in The Huffington Post. #RSAPatriots #RiseUpRSA

Antonio Quicksilver

This is an article I published as it appears in The Huffington Post 🙂

I think it’s time we had a chat. I am not rich or famous. I am just… me. I am a citizen of The Republic Of South Africa. The interesting thing is I think that is the makeup of most of us, yes?

We are mostly just us, South Africans. But the thing we don’t seem to realize is that that alone is an achievement of note.

Think of how many countries in Africa are not like South Africa… Think of how many countries have gone through the crucible we have and have come out like us. None. Not one.

Congo? Rwanda? Zimbabwe? Any takers… Egypt? No? None.

People seem to forget that none of our current generation is responsible for any of the crap that came before. Similarly we seem to forget that no-one chose…

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