A celebration of failure #ANC105

As we all watch the former bastion of the liberation movement crumble, it is with sadness that we observe the defiant declaration of arrogance being displayed by the African National Congress.
How does one display pride in the fact that they have failed to live up to what they promised? How do they continue to stand in front of not just their constituents, but the world & continue to lie & attempt to silver tongue us all with leaden lips?
Do you have no shame ANC? Do you who support these people holding our government hostage not see that they are robbing us as well as you? Do you foresee a bright future for your children under their stewardship?
It is sad to see how far the house that Saul Msane, Josiah Gumede, John Dube, Pixley ka Isaka Seme and Sol Plaatje built falling into the shadow of oppression & corruption… 105 years later.
And for those of you that mite feel that no one but those in the ANC have a right to comment on the fall of this historic organization… remember… Julius Malema left the ANC. Musi Maimane left the ANC. Most of those who now oppose it & lament its downfall… used to support the ANC. And over and above that, the ANC was carried over the line of victory by the blood, sweat & tears of many of our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents… and this ghoul, this vampire, this demon that is the shell of The African National Congress… is not what our relatives died for.
So enjoy your celebration of failure & thank you for showing us the pitfalls of socialism, thank you for drawing the corrupt & feeble minded to yourself. Thank you for opening our eyes to the destructiveness of tribalism, factionalism & revenge.
Even inspite of yourself you still carry the hopes of your founders… sadly it is to the grave. May the ANC rest in peace & may ZANC/cANCer fall.

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